All About Bobbie! (Almost)

Oh my, a whole page to talk about just myself! Well, what about me? What should I tell you? Hmmmm…..this could be very good or it could be very boring. Where do I begin?

I’m not anyone particularly special, but I did grow up in a rather special circumstance. Many stories will be from my childhood, some of my favorite stories are about my Dad. He was an amazing person! You see, as an infant, parents that were not like most parents adopted me. They had physical challenges that they had to overcome everyday. Mom and Dad were both confined to wheelchairs. However this did not stop them from living life and raising a family like the rest of the world does every day.

I always thought we were a normal family. We had a normal routine, my sister and I fought like normal siblings. Dad worked at a great job. As long as I can remember, he called every day at 12:00 noon, on the dot, to speak with mom. Saturdays were house cleaning days and lawn days. We went to the grocery store like every other family did. The family attended church and Sunday school without fail and took the hour long drive to see Grandpa and Grandma on Sunday afternoons several times a month. On holidays, we were always surrounded by extended family.

I didn’t figure it out until I was much older that not everyone knew what it was like to have parents that could not walk. I grew up with more responsibility than most kids my age I suppose, but I can’t say that I had a bad life, or that I was ever a nursemaid or servant girl, although that has been said to me by other people I’ve encountered. I’ve learned to accept the fact that they miss the point and are ignorant in their thinking.

Because of Mom and Dad’s physical limitations, I grew up learning how to see a person for WHO they were. I look at the heart, the behavior, the attitude and kindness towards others, or the lack thereof. Not to boast, but having parents with a very visible disability gives you a strong sense of empathy towards those who must overcome tremendous obstacles. My parents may have had bodies that were weaker than most, but they were incredible human beings and gave me so much wisdom as I grew, without even knowing it! We still did the normal kids stuff. Played softball, took swimming lessons, piano, rode our bikes, I even took figure skating for awhile and rode horses whenever I could get the opportunity. Not one birthday or Christmas went by that I did not ask for a horse. I always got one, in the form of a Breyer™ model. To this day they are all proudly displayed and would make many collectors jealous. I would be in my 30’s before the first horse of my own would come along, but that’s another story to tell!

Well, let’s see now….you probably should know “About Me” as I am now! First and foremost I'm a Christian wife and mother to 3 sons. I was once one of the elite "supermoms" who did it all, a 40 plus hour work week, volunteering at church and school, singing in the choir, playing two instruments, teaching my children music and getting them to lessons and baseball practice. I never missed a child's important day. Then one day in 2002, an auto accident gave me a harsh reality check. I found myself headed down a new path, with several "unwanted" passengers, one particularly cranky one, called Fibromyalgia (FMS). I had two choices, to live or just "exist". I chose to not only live, but to fight back hard to live.

The reason I write varies. Sometimes I write to express my point of view or feelings about issues that are important to FMS patients or patients with other invisible illnesses and disability.

Other times I write to remember wonderful times from the past.

The main thing I always strive to do, is to inspire and encourage others. I am a SURVIVOR not a victim. Not ever will I allow myself to fall into the line of thinking that I am a victim. I come from a long line of survivors!

I hope that as you read my stories, whether they be humours stories from my childhood, or interesting stories about being adopted, or inspirational stories about overcoming disabilities to follow your dreams, that you laugh a little, or cry a little, but always come away with something positive! 

Welcome to my world!

Blessings and good health,


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